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Welcome to Keep-A-Pet, LLC

At Keep A Pet™ our Mission is to prolong the healthy lifestyle of our pets and provide them with telomere-lengthening supplements, vitamins, and anti-oxidants from respected distributors Nationwide.

Anti-Aging technology is fast becoming a topic you see daily in the news.  Veterinarian medicine has nearly doubled the life span of dogs in only 20 years!  We often take the aging factor for granted and seldom ask "when does actual 'aging' begin?"  Scientists and doctors may argue this point, but let’s recognize that the body is 'programmed' for one specific task; reproduction.  Nature intends each species to proliferate and expand their numbers lest the species die out.  So we can surmise from the fact that once puberty is reached and the body's telomere lengthening abilities stop because the gland which expresses the enzyme that repairs the telomere lengths begins to atrophy and within a short period of time is no longer functional, then telomerase enzyme plays a critical role in the aging process.

We at Keep-A-Pet, LLC have formulated a remarkable pet-food nutritional spray. Telomere-lengthening enzymes and peptides are sprayed in your pet's food once each day, and the dosage is simple! 1-Spray for a small cat/ferret/hamster up to 5-Sprays for large dogs and horses. You never need to worry about overdosing your pet with Keep-A-Pet! Telomerase enzyme that is not used by the cells in the body of mammals is excreted in urine.

You love your pets as we do and want them with you in the tomorrows to come. Give them the chance for a longer and healthier life with Keep-A-Pet!


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